Franchises offer a model of success with guidelines to achieve consistent growth in your business—a system of being in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

What can you gain from business ownership? FREEDOM! Owning a business can facilitate the freedom to decide with whom you associate, to make your own business decisions, and to create as much wealth as you aspire, leading to freedom in your career, your finances, and your time.

However, businesses often do not achieve their desired growth; many experience downturns, plateau, or just outright fail. The overwhelming demand for new strategies and tactics for business owners in the counterculture industry clearly exceeds the supply. Franchising provides these business owners training, support, accountability, and all the tools and systems needed to be profitable.

Above all, franchising can provide the freedom to create your own options in life: to be able to choose what you want to do, when you do it, where, how, and why. What is that Freedom worth to you, not only as a business owner, but as an individual? At Lazy Daze Counterculture, our answer is “Priceless.”